A L Tyres specialise in commercial and industrial vehicle tyre management services.

Total Tyre Management Services

Depot 21A L Tyres offer a complete range of commercial and industrial vehicle tyre management services. These can be selectively chosen and applied across your UK fleet of vehicles with the express objectives of devolved responsibility, reduced down-time, and reduced support, maintenance and administrative costs.

You can select from the following tyre management services:

  • Management of all tyres across your fleet of vehicles
  • New for old or accidentally damaged tyre replacement and fitting
  • Fitting customer supplied tyres
  • Regular tyre and mileage inspection together with performance monitoring
  • On road 24/7 breakdown and repair or replacement
  • Advice on tyre brand, tread pattern, size, load and speed rating when replacing
  • Vehicle tyre performance and safety report

Tyres 113In support of our tyre services we offer a range of special payment contracts. These consist of individually negotiated payment options which allow you, our customer, to choose the payment option best suited to your requirements in consideration of the services you require and the size of your fleet of vehicles:

  • Fixed Price - a fixed monthly charge dependent upon tyre services selected and fleet size and location (no fleet is too large or too small)
  • Pay As You Go - the customer has control and purchases services as and when needed
  • Price Per Mile/Kilometre (PPM/PPK) - a monthly charge based upon fleet mileage and tyre services selected

Tyres 114So, If you would like further information on our Total Tyre Management services, and how TTM can benefit your organisation, then give Adrian a call on +44 (0)161 477 5813.